SBDTA Dance Competition

Sunday 2006.09.04

Civil Service Club at Tessonsohn, Singapore


Here are pictures of my first dance competition after having not competed or danced for about 10 years.

My partner Wendy Leow and I had only two days to practice before the competition.  In total, we had only about 6 hours of dance practice before the competition.



Wendy & I in Promenade Position in the Waltz.  We could no doubt work harder on this step as this position is far from perfect.

Meanwhile, our fellow competitors Tay & Karen in the background doing a lunge (I think).

Our fellow competitors Tay & Karen going into a nice throwaway oversway.


Probably the waltz from PP (or is it the quickstep?)

Aloysius and me.

Novice Results - 2nd place

Pre-Amateur Results - 2nd place


Alvin Low's couples - 6 trophies for the day

Wendy & I with our winnings



The tails I was wearing were made by Hasebe from Japan and once belonged to

11-time World Champion Marcus Hilton.

They now belong to Alvin Low, who kindly lent them to me for the day.


Some links to Tail makers:

Hasebe  ハセベ  (Tokyo) +81 (0)3 3828 9211

Arthur Ashmore

Ron Gunn of London



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