On 21st Dec 2006, I finally got married.

My beautiful wife Masumi is from Japan.  We met in 2003 and had to manage a long-distance relationship with my vagabond lifestyle.

The wedding was a small and quiet one.  It was a civil ceremony held in Christchurch (New Zealand).  The Marriage Celebrant was my grandmother who lives in Christchurch.

The wedding took place at Mona Vale gardens.  My grandmother in the foreground conducted the ceremony and married us.

Signing my life away.

With mum and dad.

The sun came out specially for the ceremony.

Immediately after the ceremony with Masumi and Grandma.  Thank goodness the weather held up.  It was pouring buckets before the wedding, and so we only commenced 15 minutes later.  The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes, after which the rain re-commenced.

A simple wedding lunch at the Georges Hotel in Christchurch.  It was nice and cosy inside, especially since although it was the summer solstice, there was rain, sleet and hail outside.

We then went for our honeymoon in the South Island.